I don’t have any classical art training. I didn’t even grow up making art that I can remember. As an adult, I have been fortunate to have many creative friends that have exposed me to many processes I have enjoyed (collaging, art journaling, hand crafted jewelry, wire works, clay projects, etc.) There is something different about painting though. It is growing me in a different way.

My daily paintings began as a result of taking a class by artist, Lisa Daria Kennedy, in March 2016. This class has been one of the most significant events in my creative life.  It has changed how I see myself and my art. Subsequently, I began daily paintings as part of a daily painting challenge with friends.  I definitely miss a day here and there, but this practice is now part of my life, part of me. It is difficult to articulate how the creative flow and growth have changed me except to say that it breathes life into me. It ignites and excites my senses….swirls of colors, textures, lighting, shadowing, forms, etc……so much to love!

The main idea of daily paintings is to create a small painting often to develop mastery.  I am thrilled to already see progress, and look forward to seeing what my art looks like around painting number 500! My daily paintings are mostly still life studies, but I also use reference photos or paintings for inspiration.  I am excited to see how my daily painting continues to shape my art and my life.